FB 8/26/15 – CrossFit Fixx
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FB 8/26/15


FB 8/26/15

CrossFit Fixx – Future Beast


200 M Side by Side Indian Run with medal (run side by side while tossing ball down the line and back through out the run)

Then: 3x

Form a straight line and with medal perform

over/unders, roll ball through legs to last person in line, side to side twist with the last person in line running to the front with the ball after each movement


Ring Work


Metcon (Time)

“Group WOD” – Complete 3-5 Rounds

150M Indian Run Together

20 Squats (all at same time)

20 Tire Jumps

20 Walking Lunges


Dragon Tails – lightly place a towel in wrastband of shorts. If your tail get taken you have a penalty movement before rejoining the game

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