07/29/2017 – CrossFit Fixx
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CrossFit Fixx – Partner WOD


Team Slosh stick 800m Carry

The class will carry on shoulders the slosh stick with taller athletes to the front and smaller athletes in the back. NOTE: You will switch right to left shoulder 40 times this must be done as a team (Work together)

Cool Down/Skill

200m jog

3-5 minutes foam roll


Team Total 7000

1000 KB Swings

1000 Flutter Kicks

1000 Rope slams

1000 Lunges

1000 Barbell Hang Power Cleans 45/35

1000 Barbell Shoulder to OH 45/35

1000 Mountain climbers

As a team you will complete all 7000 movements. The more team players the easier the work. Example if you have 10 athletes each athlete will complete 100 of each movement.

NOTE: Each team member must complete at least 10 of each movement.

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