06/29/2018 – CrossFit Fixx
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CrossFit Fixx – CrossFit

Today’s Goals & Stimulus

4×7 deadlift should start w/moderate set and build to the “heaviest” set of 7 for the athlete, for the day. Not looking for any failed reps below rep #5 or #6.

WOD – Dave Spencer’s last day at Fixx! Workout is comprised of 3 of Dave’s favorite moves: rowing, bench, and deadlift. Perform in two heats to have half the class spot bench while other half works. Good luck, Dave!!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Break out barbells and start with some leg swings holding onto “flagpolled” bbell. Then squat on coach’s call:

5 reps from waist to mid-thigh

5 from waist to above knee

5 from waist to below knee

-rest, barbells down-

5 tempo squats from waist to mid-shin




Start Moderate and Build to each set to Heaviest Set of 7

follow-up each set with 7 hand-release push-ups

(12:00 clock to accomplish)

Deadlift (7-7-7-7)


“Spencer for Hire” (5 Rounds for time)

Every 2 minutes for 5 Rounds

12/10 Cal Row/Bike

7 Bench Press (135/95)

7 Deadlifts (225/155)

Score individual rounds by time.

Remaining time in each 2 minute segment is your rest.

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