07/07/2018 – CrossFit Fixx
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CrossFit Fixx – Partner WOD


As a team of 4 with reps partitioned however they like,

200m Team run with MB pass along the way…once back inside

60 lunges (Partners rest by performing alternating up dog/down dog)

60 MB Deadlfts (Partners rest in bottom of squat)

60 Wall Balls (Partners rest in an active hang on rig)

60 Push Ups (Partners rest and perform alternating groiners)

200m Team run w/a MB pass along the way

Then split into teams of two

4 min EMOM

4 Wall Balls

4 Burpees

4 Toes-to-Bar

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner Workout In teams of 2

AMRAP x 24 minutes

8 Wall Ball 20/14

8 Burpees

8 Toe-to-Bar

*you-go/I-go…Partner 1 goes while partner 2 rests and vice versa

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