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October Programming Focus


October Programming Focus

Labor Day “Hotshots 19” groups

In October, we start off the month with a continuation of our short OLY cycle. Remember, this cycle is meant to build more exposure and comfort to the clean, jerk, and snatch. We are not diving into a deep cycle but rather slightly biasing toward these movements to provide more consistent exposure.

In September, we pulled off the floor and pressed overhead a significant amount in order to build foundation motor patterns and comfort in those positions. In October, we will layer in the OLY cycle starting with basic clean / snatch complexes that focus on essential mechanics (foundations of the second pull and power receiving positions) and slowly layer in more load and complexity.

In addition, we will “retest” one classic Open workout per week in order to get more comfortable with both the format of these workouts and actually labeling something an Open workout. This will break down the mental barrier for a lot of us and when the Open actually comes around it will feel less stressful — trust us!

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