10/02/2018 – CrossFit Fixx
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CrossFit Fixx – Barbell Club

Barbell Club Standard warm-up (No Measure)

Barbell Club Standard warm-up

3-5 minutes Run or Row

Pre-workout Foam Rolling 2-3 minutes

Standard Dynamic

wrist circles

elbow circles

arm circles

seal swings

over & back

free style bounce

arm rotations

torso rotations

bow & bend

hip circles

knee circles

ankle circles

leg swings

equating ankle stretch

Russian baby makers

iron cross


walking lunge w/twist

samson stretch

spiderman walk

This warm up should take 10-15 minutes total time

Block Snatch (5×2)

Snatch off the block(boxes)

This is a Full Squat

Note: Athlete should pause and reset between each rep.

Power Jerk + Split Jerk (6×2+2)

Power Jerk- feet in a squat stance and thighs above horizontal

Split Jerk- Front foot is flat with weight towards heal. Front shin is vertical with thigh 20-40 degrees relative to the platform. Back foot is evaluated with weight on the ball of the foot. Back knee has slight bend. Weight is balanced evenly between feet.

Arms are locked out with bar overhead once feet have landed.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (8×1)


Barbell ab work

3 Rounds

15 GHD Sit-ups

:45 second weighted plank

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