10/05/2018 – CrossFit Fixx
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CrossFit Fixx – CrossFit

Today’s Goals & Stimulus

Strength- The volume is pretty low not counting warm-up sets. With the :03 tempo athletes should stay moderate-light on load, and focus on movement mechanics. Low-moderate in volume, moderate to moderate-light in weight with a moderate time domain.

The workout has a short time domain of 12 minutes. The intensity is pretty high; we are looking for athletes to move fast and unbroken. The load for the OH Squat is low-moderate; athletes should be able to perform 10 reps unbroken. Goal is to get 5 rounds!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Partner Warm-up: (Teams of 2)

1 Rounds (P2 is timer, P1 moves on bike until P2 finishes)

P1: Bike (EZ-MOD Pace)

P2: Works through 2 sets of each below…3 burpees between sets.

(10 reps / 3 burpees / 10 reps)

10 PVC Pass Through (3 burpees) 10 PVC Passes

10 PVC OH Squats (Focusing on active OH position)

10 Behind the neck presses from the bottom of the squat

10 PVC Snatch Balances

10 Lunges (5 each)

break out barbells and perform on coach’s call…

7 Snatch Grip Deadlifts

7 Hang Power Snatches

7 Power Snatches

7 Overhead Squats (focusing on active shoulders and midline stability)


Overhead Squat (5 x 3 (31X1))


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10/10 Alt. Lunges

10 OH Squats Rx+(95/65) (75/55)

10 Toes to Bar

*Lunges are no load, step-forward

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