February Programming Focus – CrossFit Fixx
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February Programming Focus


February Programming Focus

Tucson scenery makes running not so bad!

February’s specific focus for Fixx will revolve around the General Physical Skill of…ACCURACY!

Accuracy is often misunderstood…it’s not just hitting wall ball targets (although we will do that a lot!)…it also means the accuracy in hitting positions, cycling movements, not missing your singles or doubles, and where you jump / land in Olympic lifts.

This focus on accuracy will show up in strength, skill, and workout elements. It also offers tremendous carry over into the 2019 Open Season as we can see high levels of frustration when accuracy is tested (Whipping yourself on those dubs! Not being able to efficiently cycle a light bar! Not hitting the target during a WB!). We will cover it all, ladies and gents.

We will also introduce a few new benchmarks and Olympic lifting complexes that play into our monthly focus. Work hard and stay true!

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