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March Programming Focus


March Programming Focus

In March we shift our focus to SPEED. Speed is an essential component to many of our movements but in particular a huge part of our fast lifts like the clean, jerk, and snatch. Moving into the right positions with the QUICKNESS! This is where coordination and accuracy help us out…we’ve spent time practicing some of these movements and positions, now we focus a little more on speed. This is ability to move yourself into positions quickly.

We will also focus on speed in a more traditional understanding — moving fast in workouts…everyone’s favorite. This involves overall speed but also minimizing the cycle time of movements. The month of March will bring some workouts and finishers that will force us to really move. In testing our fast lifts, we will focus on light to moderate loading to really allow the athletes to get themselves quickly extended and then quickly under the bar. This speed up and then down is the essence of all Olympic Lifting!

Now, we want to make sure this is clearly understood…the focus on speed does not mean we want to see reckless movement.  We will still be ensuring that mechanics are dialed-in, followed by consistency of those mechanics, and then and only then…intensity in the form of speed or load. March will bring some fan favorites and lots of fast lifting…get ready!

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