03/18/2019 – CrossFit Fixx
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CrossFit Fixx – CrossFit

Today’s Goals & Stimulus

Today’s workout is an interval 1:00 stations for max reps, with the goal to maintain the intensity for all 4 rounds. Moderate duration, high volume and moderate loading on the DBs.

We’re looking for 15/12 Calories on the Rower for everyone. For HSPU, scaling is key today. We want athletes to be able to get at least 10-12 reps in the minute. DB Push Press can be a great scaling option for your beginners. For DB Hang Power Cleans, make sure you pick a weight that you are comfortable performing at least 7-10 reps unbroken. Overall, athletes should pick a scaling option that allows them to move for the entire minute without stopping/resting for too long.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Have athletes grab out a medium-light DB…

3 Rounds (10 minutes)

Row 250m (Increasing effort)

5 DB Single Arm Arnold Presses (L)

25’ OH Lunges (L)

5 DB Single Arm Arnold Presses (R)

25’ OH Lunges (R)

5/5 Single Leg RDLs

:30 Wall Sit


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Min 1 – Row for Cals

Min 2 – HSPU

Min 3 – Box Jump (20)

Min 4 – DB Hang Power Clean (35/20) Rx+(50/35)

-Rest 1:00 b/t Rounds-

Cool Down

8:00 of Foam Rolling

Suggested Focus:

4:00 Upper Back / Shoulders

4:00 Quads / IT Band

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