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May Programming Focus


May Programming Focus

FIXX is an official host for the 2019 Murph Challenge

I. IT’S GONNA BE MAY. We have a doozy of a month coming your way…let’s dive in.

In May, we are going to be tackling some BASELINE tests. These workouts are specifically designed to give athletes a snapshot of their current fitness by testing some of our favorite modalities.

In BASELINE_1, we will test our aerobic conditioning with a 12:00 run + row effort as well as our bodyweight proficiency with a 12:00 triplet of pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups.

 In BASELINE_2, we will test our strength with a 5RM Back Squat followed by the always spicy 2:00 test on the Bike. Just 2:00 you say…well, get ready because it’s going to test your mettle.

In May, we will also be retesting some of our benchmarks from earlier this year. You will be treated a few classics including Fight Gone Bad, and tests of our 3RM Front Squat, Push Press, and Deadlift.

II. A lot of athletes crushed the rowing marathon challenge during April. Sooo… before it gets too hot, this month’s challenge is to run the distance of a marathon by the end of the month!! The goal here is to help both running pros and novices attain higher cardiovascular endurance, and be ready to take on “MURPH” come Memorial Day!

III. In addition to all the amazing workouts in May, you are in for a very special treat…the inaugural “May Madness Beach Bod Finishers.” Through May, we will see FOUR finishers a week. Here’s the deal…everyone loves a good finisher and the hallmarks of a good finisher are lots of pump and lots of music. We will deliver the pump in spades. May finishers will get the guns, buns, and guts ready for the beach no matter how near or far you are from getting your toes in the sand. Time to chase the pump!

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