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August Programming Focus


August Programming Focus

Well, folks…you blink and it’s August.

We got a lot done through June and July! We tried some new things and re-tested some old favorites.

Here’s a quick recap of July…

        1.) We kicked off our 8-week Squat Cycle (this will continue through August culminating with attempts at a new 1RM)

        2.) We brought our Weightlifting Wednesdays to a conclusion with the Heavy 1-Rep efforts for both the Snatch and Clean

        3.) We re-tested Cali Bear, Jackie, & Helen.

All of this work sets us up really nicely for August where we will re-test our 1-Rep Max Snatch and Clean & Jerk toward the end of the month as well as re-test “California Love”.

In thinking about an overall theme for the month of August, you can expect to see a subtle bias toward more “skill driven” movements and progressions. You will notice this trend in workouts, skill sessions, finishers, and cool downs. We all know that these skills take dedicated practice, and with the October Open looming we want to give coaches and athletes some extra time to really hone in on these movements.

Expect to see some more time dedicated to the Muscle-Up, Handstand Push-up, Handstand Walk, and Single Arm DB work.

When we introduce a bias…it doesn’t derail us from the overall goal of providing the absolute best functional fitness program out there. Rest assured there will still be plenty of time to throw down, lift heavy and also hit some classic recovery style workouts.

Plenty of sweat angels coming in August!

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