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November CrossFit Programming Focus


November CrossFit Programming Focus

60-minute CrossFit Class Programming

You blink and it’s almost been a full year! Let’s wrap up 2019 with a few more months of solid training then onto 2020, folks! Before chatting November, let’s recap October and (most of) the 2020 Open. In October, we were trick or treated to the first Fall CF Open. It was a bit strange to have another 5 weeks of Open workouts but we got through it. In October, we also saw the retest of the benchmark, Death Row. This is the last time this year we will hit Death Row. We also saw a few classic repeats…Eliza-Plus and Power Plus Amanda. In handling the Open, we trained hard MTW, hit the active recovery TH and smashed the Open on FR. Pre-Open, we mixed up our Active Recovery workouts this time around. The change in format allowed us to play around with some new “prep” style workouts…hopefully you enjoyed the variety!

        Let’s chat November. This month we will focus on wrapping up the final few workouts of the 2020 Open. After the Open wraps, we will take 2 weeks to “deload” mentally and throw really fun, pure GPP programming at the athletes. We’ve got some absolute classics to get after this month as retests…two of our favorite overall fitness benchmarks — Jackie & Helen. These both will show up the week after the Open. In addition to these classics, we will also be moving very heavy barbells from the ground to overhead with the benchmark, Cali Bear. Again, expect to see all of these earlier in the month. As we come toward the middle of November, we will be introducing a Wendler-style (5-3-1) lifting cycle for the Front Squat and Push Press. We will test these 1RMs before getting into the cycle. These two lifts are not only important in building raw strength, but also transferring over to the Clean & Jerk. We like Wendler because it is a very simple, easy to follow, and time-tested progression.

        The Wendler four-week building cycle will occur in a traditional format. Week 1, we will hit a 3×5 of each, Week 2 a 3×3 of each, Week 3 a 5/3/1 of each, and then Week 4 we will deload. With each lift we will also provide percentages to base off of 1RM. If an athlete didn’t get to hit the 1RM, you can also make the calculation off of the 3RM numbers we’ve tested this year. This will be a really great way to progress through November and also will offer great carry over when we test the 1RM Clean & Jerk in December! Happy lifting, folks!

Morning RUSH CrossFit class Programming

        This month’s Morning RUSH is going to be stuffed full of gains so let’s dive in! Our first focus is going to be to build to a full Power Clean and test a 2RM. This will start very basic with some segmented pulling from the ground and evolve into complexes including Deadlifts, Front Squats, Hang Cleans, and possibly even Hang Squat Cleans, but the goal is to make that 2RM test at the end of the month smooth as butter. We also will be incorporating some basic 5×5 strength work and complimentary accessory movements into the month to help maintain the capacity we worked on in October. As we carve our way through November we will be testing two benchmark workouts…Mini-Nate and Cardio Heaven. Athletes will also see 1-2 surprise benchmarks throughout the month of November for a feast of fitness!

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