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January Programming Focus


January Programming Focus

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Welcome to 2020, ladies & gents! Before getting into the detail for January let’s just quickly chat about how 2020 will be laid out overall. Good news — the nuts and bolts of our program will not change. We will still build all of our workouts through the lens of functionality (movements that help transcend the gym), variance (mixing it up to give the broadest exposure), and intensity (adding load, volume, combinations smartly). The workouts will be built to deliver the greatest gain in general physical preparedness over the course of the year — remember we are playing the long game! In 2020, the main evolutions will come in the form of our 2-month focuses, multiple predetermined cycles, and our refined benchmark blueprint (we have lots of fun tests planned each month!).

Let’s talk about the phases — we have six in 2020: New Year Reboot, Conditioning & Skills (Jan-Feb), Barbell & Odd Object Cycling (Mar-April), Olympic Skill & Lifting (May-June), Powerlifting & Pump (July-Aug), The Open, Conditioning & Skills (Sept-Oct), and finally Post-Open, Wendler & End of the Year (Nov-Dec). Each phase will incorporate these focuses in unique ways. Some of the phases will involve more formal cycles like Olympic Lifting & Wendler. While others will incorporate movements, skills, and drills like our New Year Reboot and End of the Year. It will be a really fun and diverse training year. Rest assured we will be getting after it for the next 365 days!

As you read above, the focus for January is New Year Reboot, Conditioning, & Skills. We will be kicking off the year with some absolute CLASSIC benchmarks to start our reboot. Not only will we be hitting the 1RM Snatch & 1RM Clean & Jerk but we will also be tackling our NCFIT Baselines I & II as well as Fran & Diane. In early January, it will be all about getting back into the gym and establishing new markers for these classic workouts.

January will also be about working on those pesky skills! Expect to see skill portions, workouts, and finishers that practice (low intensity) or test (high intensity) skills like the Gymnastic Kipping Pull-up, Handstand Walk, Handstand Push-ups, Muscle-ups, Toes to Bar, and Rope Climbs. Our primary focus early on will be manicuring our gymnastic skills. As we transition in Feb, we will start to shift our focus more toward weightlifting skills. It will be a really fun month with all these classics and skills!

Morning RUSH

The future has never looked so bright, and in 2020 that light is shining on a year full of GAINS in our Morning RUSH CrossFit!  We looked at the entire year and broke it down into 4 Phases. Phase 1 (Jan-Mar) is going to be all about going “Back to the Basics” to help reset movement patterns so everyone can move better. Phase II (April-June) is going to focus on “Skills and Drills” to help athletes get a better understanding of the common gymnastics they will see, as well as some high complex movements like the Chest-2-Bar. Phase III (July-Sept) is titled “Spring-ish Cleaning” will be all about further development of the Clean and it’s different variations. Phase IV (Oct-Dec) “Testing Time” will take us to the end of the year and let us take all the work we’ve done and turn it into some PRs! We know 3-month cycles are a long time, so we will have two 6-week microcycles within each phase that will have more specific focuses, while still keeping the overall phase focus in mind.  Lastly, we will be implementing a weekly rotating lifting session which will essentially mix up the days we do certain lifts to ensure everyone can get exposure to everything! 

January is an exciting time to be in the gym! Lots of new faces ready to tackle their new year’s goals and lots of familiar faces coming back to get back to some down and dirty training! This month is going to be jam-packed full of fitness that will be accessible to everyone that walks into your doors.  We will start with a linear tempo strength progression highlighting the Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift. We will start with LOTS of time under tension with longer tempo lifts that will shorten as the month goes on and culminates with a 5RM for each movement! Adding in tempo to our lifts will not only make your athletes stronger, but it will also give them more time during the lift to better understand how to move efficiently and safely. This will carry over into everything they do in the gym and outside the gym, so we figured it was the best way to start off 2020! We will also be testing some brand new Baseline workouts along with 2 other fun surprises we have up our sleeve. We could not be more excited to start everyone off on the right foot this year, cheers to another year of progress, gains, and tighter t-shirts! 

Happy New Year!

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